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DataFlex WebApp Server License

For fast, secure, mobile and web database apps.

A DataFlex WebApp Server license includes the web application execution engine, various utilities, the embedded database and SQL database connectivity (extra cost for some license options).

A DataFlex WebApp Server license is required for each server operating system instance on which the software is installed. A server operating system instance is a hardware server with one operating system installed or a virtual server instance running a supported operating system in any form of premise-based or cloud-based virtual machine environment. Each instance requires its own, unique DataFlex WebApp Server license and registration code. See the License Agreement for complete details, terms and conditions.

New DataFlex WebApp Server licenses include a one-year Subscription.

Since the design and function of web applications and the profile of those that use them varies so widely, different forms of deployment license are offered for the DataFlex WebApp Server:

Web Application Licensing

Some web applications do not have defined or managed users. Users may be self-defining or non-recurring, or an on-going user identity may not be part of the application’s functionality or design concept at all. Web Application Licensing accommodates such applications and database driven web sites.

With Web Application Licensing, there is a base fee for the DataFlex WebApp Server that includes entitlement to run one web application. A Web Application is one executable (bydefault webapp.exe) running in a web share on a licensed DataFlex WebAppServer. Technically, each Web Application is one entry in the DataFlex WebAppAdministrator utility. A smaller fee is then charged for each additional application run on the same server instance. With Web Application Licensing, there is no restriction on the number of users or any requirement for user identity at all. The server instance and number of applications running on it are the only elements that determine the license fee.

Web Client Licensing

The DataFlex framework is designed to build web-based mobile applications and fully functional, browser-based business applications with desktop-like functionality. Many web business apps have similar-to-Windows usage and user profiles (users are known, managed, configured and granted rights by an administrator).

A Web Client License entitles a named end user to use the resources of a DataFlex WebApp Server. This license is the web equivalent of DataFlex Windows Client Licenses for desktop applications. For both Windows and web deployments, a license is required for each user of the software. A "named user" license requires that every individual person that uses a software product at any time must have their own license; they require a license whether they are actively using the software product or not.