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Activate DataFlex Personal

Activation occurs after installing your Registration Code.  It involves getting a unique "activation code" for the computer on which DataFlex Personal is installed and sending it to an activation server over your internet connection. Activation can usually be accomplished on-line in under a minute.

How to activate DataFlex Personal on-line...
When the Activation dialog is displayed  - simply click the "Get Activation Code" button and, when the code is displayed, enter it in the box on the Activation screen. During the on-line activation process, only the DataFlex Personal Serial Number and Computer ID are sent to generate the activation code. No personally identifiable information is collected by Data Access Worldwide during the activation process.

Manual activation (no internet connection)...
If no internet connection is available on the target computer, you can get the activation code over the internet using another computer or by telephoning a Data Access Worldwide regional office. In either case, when activating without a direct internet connection, the process begins with gathering the necessary information.

Step 1 - Gather information

You must have two items of information ready to enable the creation of the activation code:

  1. Your DataFlex Serial Number
  2. Your Computer ID - a unique number based on the hardware configuration of the computer system

Your DataFlex Serial Number can be obtained from a variety of sources:

  1. The registration information provided with your DataFlex Personal license
  2. The Help | About | System Info dialog box of DataFlex Studio
  3. From the developer of an application created with DataFlex Personal

Your Computer ID is a number displayed on the left side of the Activation screen shown when you start the DataFlex software after you have registered it. When you have your Serial Number and Computer ID, proceed to Step 2 - Internet if you intend to get your activation code using another, internet-connected computer, or Step 2 - Telephone if you intend to call for your activation code.

Step 2 - Internet - get activation code on another computer

Go to any internet-connected computer and browse to the Activate DataFlex form. When it loads, you will be prompted to enter your Serial Number and Computer ID.  After clicking "Activate DataFlex", your activation code will be displayed. Proceed to Step 3.

Step 2 - Telephone Activation - call Data Access Worldwide

The regional Data Access Worldwide offices are listed below. We recommend that you call the one closest to you but you may call any of them to get an activation code. Especially if you are activating during non-business hours in your region, feel free to call any office that might be open for business when you want to activate.

When you call, state that you need an "Activation Code for DataFlex Personal". You will be asked for your Serial Number and Computer ID and, in just a few seconds, will be provided with the Activation Code number for your computer. When you have the activation code for your computer, proceed to Step 3.

Data Access Worldwide Regional Offices

Europe:  +31 (0)74 255 5609

Latin America: Brazil and South America (depending upon your telecommunications carrier):
+55 015 11 3262-2000
+55 021 11 3262-2000
+55 023 11 3262-2000

North America & Asia-Pacific:  +1-305-238-0012

If you prefer, contact your country’s Data Access Worldwide representative directly.

Step 3 - Install the Activation Code

When you have the Activation Code, enter it in the box on the Activation dialog displayed when running DataFlex and click the "Activate Now" button. The number will be stored and your DataFlex Personal license will be fully functional; no further activation or registration steps are required.


If you encounter difficulty or need assistance with the Activation process, either on-line or via telephone, please contact us.